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Easy to Use Web Site Creation Software Review - XSitePro


Even as a seasoned web site programmer who uses industry standard programs such as Dreamweaver to create web sites for myself and my customers, there are times when I need a very quick and easy way to put a web site together.

For example I want to create new product or marketing test sites and I want something that allows me to just concentrate on the theme and sales content of the site, instead of getting bogged down by technicalities.

That's when I turn to XSitePro to get the job done.

Ease and speed of use.

XSitePro is an excellent, affordable piece of software that is geared totally towards ease-of-use. What makes XSitePro stand out is that its R&D team really listen to the requirements of their users, and take action to make this software the best.

With XSitePro you can create professional-looking websites in a fraction of the time it currently takes you.

What would normally take 10 hours per website in FrontPage, DreamWeaver or other web design package will take 1/10th of the time with XSitePro.

You will literally have a complete, fully integrated website in a couple of hours.

I personally own and recommend XSitePro


XSitePro is well thought out and offers many very useful features:-

  • Optimize your new websites to rank well with the search engines, increase your websites' "findability" on the Web, easily fix problems on your pages to improve your search engine position -- and bring an avalanche of traffic to your websites.

  • Make changes to your website with the greatest of ease. Whenever you like, even after you've created lots of webpages, you can go the Page Layout section of XSitePro, make all the changes you wish to make -- and all the changes will be instantly reflected in all your existing pages and any new pages you create. This feature of XSitePro alone will save you many days -- even weeks -- of development over the years.

  • Install powerful functionality on your websites such as footer menus, pop-ins, site maps, link pages and other items that comprise XSitePro's arsenal.

  • Go from novice to expert website creator in 1 hour or less with XSitePro's comprehensive tutorial that's jam-packed with useful shortcuts that save you a lot of time.

  • Eliminate the need for typing keywords repeatedly for every website and every page you create. Now, you can type them once in the Project Keywords box, and XSitePro automatically inserts them into the metatags of all your webpages.

  • Create more content pages that act as multiple entries of traffic to your site -- and learn how to fill those pages with content -- without having to do the writing yourself. [Note: A website with many webpages is considered MUCH more important to the search engines than a site that has only a few pages. The number of content pages your website has significantly affects your search engine ranking -- and ultimately, your website traffic.]

  • Learn where to find articles that are appropriate for your website (with free reprint rights) -- and add the articles to your website. This will help you to build up both content and the number of keyword-rich pages on your website in a few minutes at absolutely no cost -- and consequently improve your search engine ranking.

  • Create intelligent pop-up windows with XSitePro's powerful pop-up wizard. Specify which page the pop-up will appear (e.g. once a session, once a day, once and then never again). This eliminates factors that make pop-ups annoying, and which may discourage your visitors from buying from you. For example: Every time your visitors return to your site, don't present them with a pop-up they've already seen before.

  • Design eye-catching pop-in windows that slide into your website visitor's screen at the exact moment you want your visitor to see it (e.g., when the visitor has been on your Product Page for 10 seconds). Note: This pop-in window is undetected by pop-up blockers.

  • Simplify your website creation tasks with the valuable To Do Report that XSitePro produces for you automatically. When creating a website, it's easy to forget to doessential tasks -- and it's time-consuming to check back later to see what you might have missed doing the first time around. XSitePro generates a checklist of suggested actions -- and even highlights those that are critical -- and then updates the list instantly every time you accomplish any suggested action.

  • Update your websites in a matter of minutes. All those minor, but time-consuming tweaks that you never get around to doing can be done with lightning speed. Keeping your websites up-to-date will become a pleasure rather than a chore.

  • Publish (i.e., upload) your website to the Web in a flash with XSitePro's full file transfer protocol (ftp) capabilities.

Click here to visit http://www.xsitepro.com

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