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Adsense Gold Statistics Tracker Review

Google Adsense Statistics Tracking Software

Updated: November 2006

The following review is based upon some discussions I had in a popular Adsense related forum with a number of other members, where we were investigating a few different Adsense tracking and statistics software scripts. The main one I have been using for the past 2 years, and recommend is Adsense Gold Tracker from Jonathan Ledger. On the couple of occasions I needed support for this product Jon always helped out very quickly.

Brilliant. Very fast, excellent statistics for tracking adsense clicks on Adsense Ads, in a simple, easy to read format, which result in giving you lots of info for any web site you own containing Adsense, plus the side effect is it also gives some web stats info even if you don't have basic web stats logging already on a site (e.g. hits to pages, keywords used, etc).

Of course the main point is it tracks your Adsense ads, so you know EXACTLY which ones you're getting ads clicks on.

This software tells you so much more than your Google Adsense account control panel.

Single or Monthly Payment for Adsense Tracking?

You are paying for Adsense Gold only once, to install it on your own server (I have it installed on just one web space, and it does the tracking for all of my domains from that one central point, and it allows you to show the stats for just one domain, or all of them).

I don't know why people even consider Google Adsense tracking software which you have to pay for monthly!

For example Adsense Detective is a monthly paid Adsense tracking service. In particular I would say to beginners who are using Adsense, it can be very time-consuming getting everything going in the first instance before you start earning some decent cash, so why would you want to give a large portion of that cash straight back to someone for a monthly paid service? Doesn't make sense to me. I would much rather pay once for Adsense Gold Tracker. I think some people are probably afraid that installing software on their server is going to be difficult, and so they prefer to go for a monthly service without that headache. Honestly installing Adsense Gold Tracker was really a breeze.

Don't you think its worth just that little extra effort to pay once, for your own copy of some software, and learn how to install it (which is really fairly easy), than to throw money away month after month?

Bonuses with Adsense Gold

Also the bonuses you get with Adsense Gold Tracker, like the 3600 top-paying keywords are a great way to learn about high earning Adsense topics. And there's a database of website content articles. Great stuff.

I love it!

This is the site I am talking about.....

Forum Posts

Here are some of the forum posts which I thought were quite interesting and raised some additional points......

There is also a different product at http://www.adsensetracker.com/

It doesn't seem to have the bonuses, but is a nicer looker interface, and is probably what some people in the forum are referring to. Confusing!

Anybody got any other comments on these 2 similarly named products?

I use AdsenseGold which I think is probably less pretty, but is excellent.
It uses PHP/MySQL to store its stats, so in theory you could extract the database tables import into Access and create graphs etc.

I have not used AdsenseTracker (only looked at the website, trouble is both products seem to be named the same, which is why its a tad confusing).

Jonathan Ledger's Adsense Gold Tracker (the one Joel Comm recommends, and the one I too use and recommend ) is available from www.AdsenseGold.com


Adsense Tracker V3.0 is available from www.AdsenseTracker.com

They are definitely two different products.


Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 10

I'm also looking for a good Adsense tracker script. I've searched Google for Adsense trackers reviews and all of them are positive reviews -- followed by an affiliate link on the page. So, it's hard to choose which tracker to use when everyone's saying that the one they're using is great and you don't know who to believe because they might just be trying to make a sale.

In Joel's teleseminar with Rick Butts, I think it was real smart of Joel to tell the listeners to refer to his eBook for more information on Adsense Trackers and how he didn't want to go into detail in the seminar because his book covers a great deal of it. A real smart way to get affiliate sales. Joel is a smart guy. Seriously!

Hi Rowelle,

Right near the start of this thread I had this to say about the tracker that Joel recommends, and gave the url of the actual site, not an affiliate link.

I had researched 3 different trackers independently before making up my mind, and once I had bought Adsense Gold, felt it was excellent value for the money. It was the additional bonuses that helped make my decision. So I have come from the perspective of buying the product because I had a genuine need - not because I wanted to sell it as an affiliate, although that is what I now do.

3600 Top Paying keywords
Database of website content articles (almost 12,000 articles covering a wide variety of topics).

I have had a couple of people PM me for more about Adsense Gold Tracker, so I thought I would add this post.

Its good. I like it.
Its not the prettiest program, but it certainly does the job by giving you all the info you need.
Its also very fast on my server and doesn't seem to affect page download speeds when browsing my web site, and looking at the stats reports is very fast too.

Remember that it requires PHP and MySQL on your web site in order to run. Most ISP's provide this now.
Installation was a breeze.

Just a reminder that it is the program I got from www.AdsenseGold.com

[Not to be confused with www.adsensetracker.com which is a different program at $67, but you don't get any bonuses. I don't have any experience of this one so it may be equally as good or better! Anyone out there who might comment on this?]

I find it handy because it also gives additional referrer information for a site of mine which the ISP does not provide any stats for, so effectively Adsense Tracker helps by giving me some stats for that site - a very useful side-effect!

Here is a screenshot of Jonathan Ledger's Adsense Gold Tracker:-

Notice that it is giving stats ONLY for the clicks in the above screenshot, but there are options to show ALL tracked visits, so giving the bigger picture on visitors who didn't click.

The program has a Maintenance screen which allows you to delete old stats to keep your MySQL database lean and mean.

To backup the database every now and then I do a SQL dump using the free DBTools Manager Professional which I use to backup some other MySQL databases en-masse. Its a very good utility (totally unrelated to Adsense Tracker).

Like I said earlier in the thread, I purchased Jonathan Legers tracker because after checking out Joels recommendations, and reviewing a couple over the space of a few days it seemed the best deal (with good bonuses and documentation) and the clearest/easiest program to use, plus it suited my hosting facilities of PHP+MySQL. I'm not telling you this just because I've got an affiliate link! I am just a bit of a techy and want value for money and the best software because often I find that it is false economy to get something cheap, and later wish you had gone for the more fully featured program in the first place. I have not been disappointed by this tracker.

Hope this helps people.

During the course of the discussion Phil G author of Adsense Tracker V3.0 joined the thread...


Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 17

Not to be confused with www.adsensetracker.com which is a different program at $67, but you don't get any bonuses.

Actually, Adsense Tracker has always included some bonuses, I just don't make a big deal of it on the sales page. I feel that if a program cannot stand on its own merits, then it shouldn't be offered for sale. And if the only reason to pay more for a product is to get a few freebies that are readily available elsewhere, are they really free?

www.AdsenseTracker.info was the first one on the scene and was, for the longest time, the only product given official permission by Google to use their Adsense name in the product name.

I probably could have made a "big stink" about Jonathan Ledger's similar use of the name, but just felt that I didn't want to "be that way". Jon did kindly start referring too his product as Adsense Gold, but I think the generic name "adsense tracker" just stuck.

In the end they are both good products and I didn't see any reason to try to stop the other one from being marketed.

Phil G

Hi Everyone,
I found this old thread very interesting and thought I'd pose my latest question here.

Being an Adwords guy myself, I tend to look at the ads, and one of the top ones caught my eye - something to do with Adsense Videos. As it turned out, it was put together by Michael Cheney (Website Marketing Bible) and I found it very informative. He was basically making the recommendation that one purchase the Adsense Gold package (which includes Adsense Gold Tracker).
It does indeed look like a GREAT package.

Based on this thread, I take it everyone who purchased it was happy?
Your expert opinions are greatly appreciated!!


Bentley, in response to your question, yes I am still pleased with Adsense Gold's Tracker.

In fact I recently upgraded to the latest V2.0 which has added a number of extra features:-

  • Simpler Maintenance/Optimisation
  • Better seperation of AdSense, AdLinks and WebSearch stats reporting
  • Improved stats searching and filtering options
  • Search results column sorting
  • Use Calendar feature for easy date selection
  • Now caters for Yahoo Publisher Network ads
  • Now shows the local (real) time the person clicked an ad, rather than the time the server recorded the click.
  • Improved reporting layout - Shows keywords seperately but next to the referrer detail, making it easier to see what keywords the person used to find your site.
  • New graphical bar representation of Percentage clickthru per Ad
  • New ability to download a CSV file of any report for loading into spreadsheet or whatever for further analysis.

These are all useful improvements on what was already a good, easy to use piece of software.


Adsense Detective by Joel Comm

One thing I have noticed is that since Joel Comm brought out his Adsense Detective monthly payment tracking program, he suddenly hid or archived all the topic posts in the forum regarding 3rd party Adsense Trackers. Well I suppose that makes business sense since it is his forum, however it also seems a bit off to hide those useful posts.

Some details on Referrer Information used by Tracking software

August 2005


I ordered Adsense Tracker from AdsenseGold in the past but never got it to show me the right clicks. I tested very much with Jon but the only result I got from him was that not all clicks can be shown since the tracker only works with IE browser.

I cannot believe that this is the only problem since I am running adwords campaigns and get clicks everyday but the tracker doesn't show them.

When Jon tested my added code the click was shown but this was one week before and since that time I should have more than 30 clicks in my stats but it shows zero.

Maybe somebody else here has had the same problem and can help me? At the moment I run Adsense Logger but I am also not 100% satisfied with it.

Kind regards,



Internet Explorer works properly due to sending its Referrer information.

Firefox has something quirky about the way it sends referrer information which is what all trackers rely on, and so some users of Firefox might not register their clicks in your stats.

More importantly though you should consider that many people install Internet Security programs on their computers (eg. Norton Internet Security), and these have privacy options which stop the users browser sending Referrer Information so that web sites and hackers etc can't track the path of the users browsing habits.

This option is often turned on by default when people install their internet security software, or people don't understand the purpose of the option or how it works, and that it doesn't really hurt to have Referrer information sent by their browser. So they leave it turned off.

I think this can account for a large number of "missed" clicks or stats counting.

There is nothing that you or Jon can do about this apart from email everyone in the world to tell them "please let your browser referrer information through". But I don't think thats going to happen really!

As I said, this will affect any tracking software, and many other kinds of Internet based software which relies on browsers sending referrer information.



Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 11

Adsense Gold Tracker is the way to go. The only problem with it is that it does not detect Mozilla browsers right now. According to Jonathan, there is a bug in the Mozilla implementation of javascript. Because of that, the stats do not always agree with Google.


Hi Josen,

The bug in Mozilla browsers is something to do with passing referrer information, and it has now been corrected. A similar effect occurs when firewall software like Norton Internet Security has the option turned on to prevent referrer information being passed by people browsing your site / clicking your ads.

It is not a fault of the Adsense Tracking software.


Other Trackers


DynaTracker is a general purpose clicks tracker - it does not track Adsense ads.

I think it gives good features and control of links for a very reasonable price compared to some of the big boys in tracking.

If you are confident technically then its good (its fairly simple to set up), but their help/support is a bit flat. Some upgrades have been very slow in coming, their forum is pretty dead, and CJ the author of the program never seems to answer emails.

I've not had any trouble with the scripts myself, but I did make some tweaks to them to prevent SE spiders affecting click stats!!

I think some other people on the Dynatracker forum are not happy, but I've always liked it and got on with it - for the one-off price of $67!

Many tracking scripts are monthly payment or where cheap they are very basic. Those with fuller features get more pricey. Dynatracker is well featured at a reasonable price (Update: now $297).
This is why I recommend it, but I would contact them about the support issues beforehand if you need hand-holding.


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