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Joel Comm - Google Adsense Secrets E-Book Review

The Definitive Guide on How To Make Money with Google Adsense

He made how much? $18,343 in a single month?...
AdSense Secrets

Does Google Adsense Work?

Yeah, you bet it does!

“Best e-book I've ever bought... my CTR was up 700% and earnings went from $3-5 to $30 or more per day. $900 extra a month for NO work seems like a good deal to me.”
Richard Allen

“It took ONE day for me to be convinced your book was worth it! My AdSense - overnight - went from around $1.30 a day to $6.81, then $8.74 the following day. I was in dream land - I hadn't even started thinking about building content yet.”
James L.

What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense: 3rd Edition
by Joel Comm,

My name is James Prior and using this e-book I have learnt exactly how to make the most of Google Adsense. Even now in 2010 these techniques are still as valid as they were a few years ago.

This review does not tell you how I think this book "might" be useful, or "great, now I know what to do to make money (but haven't yet)" like so many internet marketing gurus and affiliates who recommend products.

I'm not talking future tense, I am stating past tense facts. I HAVE bought this book, I DO use it (and continue to do so), and IT HAS ALREADY taught me a variety of methods to make money with Adsense. And since buying it I have recouped the cost of the book 200+ times over!

It's quite honestly THE SINGLE & SIMPLEST MOST PROFITABLE PURCHASE I made in 2005! But still applies in 2010.

So you've come to this page to discover what all the hype is about?

When I first looked at the Joel Comm pitch I was a little hesitant about exactly what could be done to change my crap Adsense earnings.

But after looking around at various other Adsense e-books and stuff on the net, I began to think, hmmm, this could have real potential, and I also discovered other people were using and recommending this book too.

I thought to myself don't waste any more time, get on and try it out!

So about a month after I opened my Google Adsense Account I bought the book, and at last started to MAKE SOME MONEY! Brilliant!

Yes, like me, you could spend hours gleaning little hints and tidbits and the basics by surfing around the Internet, but this book provides everything I need to know in one single study source, along with a host of tips that are hard to find elsewhere.

And it doesn't beat about the bush! Immediately you're taken through the basics and then quickly moving on to more in-depth stuff. There is no chaff and fluff in the book, just good solid practical advice. Joel writes in an easy to understand way, explaining all the principles you need to learn. He also hosts a very active forum for Adsense newbies.

Interested? Read on to learn more about my own experience and proof .....


I was a total Adsense novice when I started using Google Adsense on my web sites in March 2005, and on the first day of putting the code in I saw my first money earning click.

Ok, so it was just a few cents, but when you're an Adsense virgin you think, "Hey, cool, I like this!". I didn't figure then just how much I was going to increase my Adsense revenue.

So for a little over a month with my new Adsense account I earnt a few clicks and cents here and there, but then I got an email from a friend who suggested I read the book by Joel Comm called:-

"What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense: 3 Steps to Higher Adsense Income".

Click here for http://www.adsense-secrets.com where you can read many more genuine testimonials, and see more stats proving the effectiveness of this book, and buy your own copy. Or read on for my own personal success story.

I bought the e-book (its in Adobe PDF format) and after reading the first couple of chapters I made a few subtle but neat changes to the way Adsense was set up in my web site, and as a direct result I have seen a major increase in the revenue my web site is generating for me. I have read a few other freebie e-books on Adsense but none go into as much detail or provide as many tips as Joel Comm's book. And it provides plenty of screenshots and examples showing you exactly what to do, from setting up your Google Adsense account, to all manner of tips and tricks to raise your earnings, and also extremely important advice about abiding by Googles terms of service.

Take a look, the figures speak for themselves and below you can see my own figures showing my earnings since I started using Google Adsense, in conjunction with the advice given in the book.

I'm very pleased with the results so far, and I only have a small website.

Make More Money with AdSense!

Check this out: - At the end of March 2005 I made some basic changes following the advice in Joel Comm's book (that was only the first chapter) that resulted in a nice big improvement on my pathetic first month, and after reading more secrets in the book I implemented a few more changes at the end of May 2005.

My Adsense income doubled again

I also made some more changes at the end of July, again reflected in the earnings shown below.

These improvements to my earnings are as a direct result of using the tips provided in Joel's book.

I haven't done anything to drastically increase my traffic, and not that much changed to the content of my site, which has remained fairly static throughout the first few months, but now that I have been bitten by the Adsense bug I will be adding more value content and new pages to my site.

And I'll be getting to grips with some of the other techniques explained in the book, one of these being how to get and understand the high-paying keywords that bring in the big money.

Google Adsense Earnings Summary for March 2005 to March 2006
(I can't show a screenshot of my earnings because Googles Terms of Service does not allow me to)

31-Mar-2005 USD1.02
At the end of March 2005 I made some basic changes following the advice in Joel's book (after reading only the first chapter) and that resulted in a big jump on my crap first month where I earned just over one dollar!
30-Apr-2005 USD22.97
31-May-2005 USD20.28
After reading and understanding more secrets in the book I implemented a few more changes at the end of May 2005. Look, my earnings jumped up again!
30-Jun-2005 USD54.72
31-Jul-2005 USD52.85
Toward the end of July I made a few more tweaks using the advice from the book, and yet again I was amazed at the improvement in earnings. There are still some minor changes I can make, but now I really need to concentrate on more pages with good content that keeps visitors coming back to my site.
31-Aug-2005 USD91.01
30-Sep-2005 USD74.10
I won't bore you with all my payments, but since some additional modifications I made in April 2006 I am now over $300 per month, and building up more. Like a fool I had been ignoring some of the other simple tweaks in Joels Adsense Secrets Book, because I didn't believe they would have such a positive effect. The next month my earnings jumped from $185 to $301. In no way was this due to traffic increase. It was a direct result of yet another change suggested in Joel's book. Duh! I could have had that increase since last September.
Update: September 2006. The past 3 months have seen me regularly at $350 to $400. And this is still basically from just three web sites, with an average amount of traffic. I have not really done that much to my sites, other than adding some new pages, but that was just natural progession of my site anyway.

I have only a couple of small web sites, and whilst my earnings are not yet the kind of figures that people with larger sites can undoubtedly expect to earn, can you see the potential?

I am certainly very happy with the extra cash I earn !!


In fact Adsense is so quick to set up and easy to use that if you have a web site you would be a fool not to use Google Adsense. There are considerable profits to be made and it starts to earn you money almost immediately you insert the Adsense code into your pages (there is a 1-2 day wait initially for Google to approve your web site meets their Ts & Cs).

Think about this....

If you are also using (or thinking of using) Google Adwords Pay Per Click service to advertise your own or affiliates products, Google Adsense is a very sensible way to offset against your click costs. Some people argue that Adsense adverts might draw people away from your product, well that may be so if you have Adsense on your key product pages, but having Adsense operating in other sections of your web site can be earning you back some of the cash you are paying for your Google Adwords. If people aren't going to buy your products then why not make money out of their initial interest before they leave your web site?

"I made a substantial improvement on my Adsense earnings, literally within hours of making some of the simple changes Joel covers in his e-book",
James Prior, Prior IT Solutions Ltd

So - How did he make $18,343 in a single month?...

Well, his name is Joel Comm and it wasn't so long ago he was making only $30 a day with Google's Adsense program.

Then one day it hit him over the head like a '2 by 4' and Joel began testing other ways to increase his Adsense earnings...

Not only did it work... but... (and this is a BIG BUT) Joel documented everything he did to make his Adsense commissions shoot up to the sky...

This is significant and here's why...

AdSense Secrets

Now you can have access to it all where you'll view actual details of what Joel does to make some of the biggest commissions you'll ever hear about online...

Click here for http://www.adsense-secrets.com

In his new Adsense book sweeping the internet, Joel candidly allows you to look over his shoulder. Now your odds at winning with Google Adsense are more in your favor than ever before.

You see, setting up an Adsense account and adding it into your web pages is the easy part. But what most people don't realise is that there are many subtle tweaks you can make to get more clicks from your visitors, and therefore more profit to you.

And no, we're not talking about Joel doubling his Adsense commissions from $30 to $60 a day... but more like a staggering $500+ per day! (I told you it was significant)

Click here for http://www.adsense-secrets.com

Joel's commissions are so huge now... UPS has begun delivering his cheques! And that is NOT a joke, look at the photo of Joel to see what I mean by clicking here.

Let me tell you... this one book is crammed solid with Adsense marketing tips - the kind you won't easily find elsewhere... That's why I'm very excited to tell you about it.

"All I can say is you've written an outstanding guide and I am more than happy to recommend it to my readers. It is extremely rare to find a well written and straight forward guide like yours... it really is full of secret info that I will be using myself! If anyone hestitates investing in your guide then they have lost out on an amazing, proven and invaluable system for cashing in on their sites' content."
- David Vallieres, Editor - "Turning Content Into Cash" - www.infoproductlab.com

This is must-have marketing information and I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself if you are using Adsense now... or ever plan to.

Like I said, if you have a web site, in it there lies a veritable gold-mine!

AdSense Secrets

Are you still here? What are you waiting for, go now and buy What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense: 3 Steps to Higher Adsense Income: 3rd Edition


James Prior

P.S. One thing that people are often concerned about with Adsense is getting their web sites listed in Google so as to get good traffic (people coming to your web site). And bottom line with Adsense is that Traffic=Money. It amazes me how hung up some people can get on being listed in Google. Yes, its the engine to aspire to in terms of relevant search results and quality of web sites listed. But I find that the other big search engines like MSN and Yahoo bring me plenty of traffic too, often much sooner than Google does.

To buy the book from Google Adsense Secrets, click here.

A great Google Adsense forum to learn from real Adsense users opened in August 2005 and can be found here:

P.P.S. Do you use Firefox? A great free little utility for Firefox which I absolutely would not be without is Mincus' Adsense Notifier (it's a Firefox extension). This sits in the bottom right hand corner status bar of Firefox and updates to show your earnings every 15 minutes. Click here to get it.

P.P.P.S. Many people have probably read the controversial Death Of Adsense / Life After Adsense ebooks by Scott Boulch. They make for a very interesting and controversial read, and I believe they have left a lot of people who are new to Adsense feeling a bit bewildered and doubtful of using Adsense, and other Adsense related products. Part of the Life After Adsense ebook invited people to participate in a survey, and Scott then discussed the results of the survey in a follow-up. One thing that amazed me in these results was the number of people who had built 1000 or more web sites (that's a lot of sites), and their earnings were only around $300 to $500. What?
I honestly don't know what on earth those people were doing wrong with their sites, that they had to build 1000 or more to obtain the same sort of figures I earn each month with just my handful of web sites!
Maybe by reading Joel's book I have avoided all the mistakes they made? Scott's books suggest that Adsense died on November 22nd 2005 due to one small change that Google made to their Adwords program. Well, his book "The Death of Adsense" makes some interesting points, but I would like to counter that by pointing out that my own Adsense earnings are still very good, and at the time of writing this in October 2006, almost a year after the supposed "death of adsense" I am making good money!

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