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Anti-Spam Software and Anti-Virus Software from Firetrust

Spam blockers - How can you stop junk email using anti-spam and anti-virus email software

How do you stop spam?

Well, let me tell you How I stop spam.

I don't know about you but there was a time when I was so sick to death of having to continuously sort through and delete annoying and potentially harmful junk email and viruses that entered my inbox, only to have the same junk mail sent to me the very next day.

I used to get so annoyed with spams, phishing scams that can lead to financial ruin, and viruses wasting my download time and putting my computer at risk - I really mean this, I used to tear my hair out and I can remember a time before I got a decent anti-spam product when one of the big virus hits was causing my email accounts to get about 500 virus/spam emails each day! Grrrr!

I had to do something about it, so I tested a whole bunch of anit spam software filters and programs before settling on Mailwasher Pro from Firetrust as the best for me.

I personally use this software every day without fail to monitor and control ALL my POP3 email accounts. In fact its probably the most used piece of software I own !

You can use it to monitor any and every email account you use.

Don't waste money paying your ISP to upgrade each one of your POP3 email accounts to use their server-based anti-spam filters. Thats just giving them money for old rope.

Pay once for Mailwasher Pro for life, and protect all your email accounts for all time.



I like Mailwasher because it's good at detecting spam using a variety of differernt methods, and you can say who should be blacklisted and who you trust as friends.

Server-based Spam Filters

Some email spam filters that you pay your ISP for, run on the POP3 server and act just like a black box – they are out of your control, they stop mail and that’s it, you don't ever get to see it!

There is the risk that important mail that you want to read is blocked without you even knowing it.

I really wanted a program that would let me define my own filtering rules and see exactly what is being blocked.

Mailwasher is your Email software's best friend

Mailwasher runs on your PC independently of your normal email software (Outlook Express, Pegasus, Eudora, etc), and reaches out to your mail server without downloading the bulk of the mail.

It only fetches enough info to determine whether its spam, virus or friendly.

This is unlike a lot of other anti-spam solutions that download stuff only to discover the spam or virus needs to be junked anyway. Mailwasher is different to many other anti-spam solutions because it deletes the spam from your email server, before your normal email software even downloads it!

Mailwasher also retains a record of deleted emails, so that even if you accidentally deleted a mail yourself, you can tell it to re-send the mail to you again. Now that's neat!

Mailwasher checks Hotmail and AOL

There is one thing that sets MailWasher apart from many others in its class:-
Many anti-spam products have the the ability to check POP3 and MAPI accounts (POP3 accounts are "the norm" and are the ones most often provided by a home user's ISP - while MAPI accounts are usually used in a corporate or small business environment where there is a central mail server in operation), BUT unlike many other anti-spam products MailWasher also has the ability to check Hotmail and AOL "Web based" e-mail accounts. This is not a feature you see a great deal of in spam filters and for someone using these type of accounts regularly, this could well swing your decision toward MailWasher Pro.

Microsoft Outlook - Just Junk Everything

There are a number of excellent email filters that work only with Microsoft’s Outlook email client, but the trouble with these is that the filters generally bang what it thinks is spam into the Junk folder.

At some point you have to review the Junk folder, but before you know it, in one day you've got 200 junk emails to wade through as you search for any important emails which the filter mistakenly classed as spam. You either miss it in all that crap, or you get bored and just "empty" the Junk folder regardless!

Mailwasher is very good at knowing what is definitely junk, or previously blacklisted by you. It has learning algorithms to help it get better at its job (they're called Bayesian filters).

It colour codes emails so you can easily see which are from friends, which are definitely crap, and any that are "Possibly Legitimate" it brings your attention to so you can teach Mailwasher about them.

I personally use many computers and a variety of other email programs such as Eudora and Pegasus. I wanted a program that would support whatever mail software I want to use, not just Outlook.

Supports spam blacklists

The nature of spam is that one email is sent to many recipients. If one person identifies it as spam and passes it on to a blacklist server, then other recipients of that email will have it pre-identified as spam, or the sender is identified as a spammer and all his emails will be so identified. This is great in theory but in practice, legitimate organisations and senders can sometimes wrongly be identified as spammers. I wanted the ability to define which blacklists are used.

The good news is that Mailwasher meets these criteria really well.

- It supports any email program because it works directly on your mailbox – just like the email client you use. Your mailbox can be POP3, AOL, IMAP or Hotmail.

- The filtering is extremely flexible. You can set up a list of keywords that guarantee a mail will be allowed through, but you can also set complex conditions using ‘regular expressions’ which is effectively a powerful rule language.

- You can define exactly what blacklists to use (if any).

Ease of Use

In operation, Mailwasher Pro is very easy to use, and apart from specifying your email account details when you first install it, Mailwasher works out of the box.

After installation, a handy wizard starts which offers the ability to automatically scan for your existing e-mail settings (and friends lists), or to leave you to do it manually. It does a commendable job of importing existing e-mail accounts from Microsoft Outlook and adding the Contacts to its "friends" list.

There are really only two steps: Check and Process.

Mailwasher Pro can be set to automatically startup with Windows. It checks each of your mail accounts every few minutes and lists all the emails. It marks each mail item according to whether it is friendly, blacklisted because of its origin, contains a virus, or is a possible spam. A set of default actions is selected for any spam mail – delete, bounce and blacklist but you can easily change the action for an individual mail. You may spot an item from a friend – just press + to mark it as such and the mail remains ready for retrieval by your normal email program, while all spam and viruses will get squished!

Mailwasher Pro has a clear display of all the emails so you can sort them, read them and define actions as you wish. In use Mailwasher becomes better and better with time as its Bayesian Filters "learn" and remember what you tell it about what is mail and what is spam.

It only takes action when you select the Process Mail button. It deletes what needs to be deleted and leaves the rest for your mail client. So, the good news is that spam and viruses are deleted from your mailbox and not downloaded to your computer!

I used to tear my hair out with spam before Mailwasher, now I don't even think about it ! I have been using Mailwasher since 2003, and I have no need or desire to change to another product.

You can try it Free for 30 days!

Mailwasher Pro is a completely separate piece of software to your normal email software. There is no need to configure it in Outlook or anything complicated like that. You just have Mailwasher running/checking your email accounts for spam, and deleting it first, THEN you hit the Receive email button in your Outlook (or other email client) to download the remaining good stuff.

Just get in the habit of using Mailwasher as your main mail program to check, review, pre-read your mails, click any links to websites contained in mails, and delete any spam (you soon get used to this, and you will actually end up preferring to use Mailwasher), and only then do you hit the Receive button in Outlook.

Identify Phishing Scams

The other thing about Mailwasher is that because its email "preview screen" shows you the raw contents of the mail in a pure text form (rather than the pretty graphical stuff like your email program would do), it exposes phishing scam emails for what they are - helping you to identify dangerous phishing scams.

You get to see the REAL destination of a link, and so you know instantly that the actual website you would go to is in fact not really your Paypal, Barclays Bank, or American Express online account, or whatever.

I consider this to be a major benefit of using Mailwasher, and it has helped me laugh at scammers pathetic attempts to dupe me, and prevent the drastic consequences of innocently logging in to what I thought was my actual account, when it was not.

I thoroughly recommend giving Mailwasher Pro a go.

Download and check it out. It will save you heaps of time, money and hassle. Give yourself a break from Spam!

Click here to visit Firetrust and learn more about MailWasher Pro


Learn more about Mailwasher Pro......

Take back control of your email inbox

Spammers and viruses are out there now sending billions of junk messages. The average email user receives many thousands of spam messages each year. This means you’ll continue to waste more and more of your precious time every year deleting this information pollution, an epidemic that won’t stop spreading any time soon. How can you clean up your email and unclog your inbox?

Introducing MailWasher Pro

MailWasher Pro quickly and easily helps you control spam from polluting your email inbox. Powered by advanced technologies including Bayesian filters, MailWasher Pro enables users to protect their inboxes from spam and fight back against spammers.

Regain control of your inbox

MailWasher Pro provides an easy-to-use, effective anti-spam solution for consumers and businesses. With a multitude of anti-spam tools, MailWasher Pro offers email users an unprecedented level of email security and control.

MailWasher Pro saves you time

View your email before it gets to your computer. Blocks spam using blacklists, custom and advanced learning filters. Fight back against spammers by reporting spam messages to the FirstAlert! global spam database

* Delete unwanted email before you download them
* Supports POP3, IMAP, AOL, and Hotmail/MSN
* Protects unlimited email accounts
* Advanced Spam Filtering
* Learning filters learn from the spam and legitimate email you receive to deliver you a robust and efficient approach to solving your spam problem
* Customized filters effectively work to automatically spot spam
* Friends list and Blacklist
* Add your friend’s email addresses so MailWasher Pro always recognizes them for safe efficient delivery.
* A customizable list of blacklisted email senders and/or regular expressions filter out potential spammer addresses and messages.

Fight Back Against Spammers with FirstAlert!

The spread of spam is reduced through the use of a global network of users who actively report spam to a central database called FirstAlert! Spam messages are easily and actively reported for verification as spam and then transformed into a digital fingerprint. Users who interact with the database, do so in real-time and any messages in the users email that correspond to identical fingerprints in the database are eliminated.

Block Known Origins of Spam

MailWasher Pro enables you to check the origin of the email received against DNS spam blacklist servers. MailWasher gives you control over whether to display or hide, mark for blacklist, or automatically delete spam.

Block Known Spam

MailWasher Pro works independently of your email inbox allowing you to view your email for actioning before it gets to your computer. Choose to delete, report, bounce or filter email to receive only the good email in your inbox. With a multitude of anti-spam tools, MailWasher Pro offers email users an unprecedented level of email security and control.

Protocol and Application Support

MailWasher Pro supports POP3, IMAP, AOL, MSN and Hotmail email protocols. By directly supporting multiple client based applications and web-based email clients, MailWasher Pro enables you to benefit from its advanced filtering without forcing you to change your email behavior.

Fight back with DNS spam blacklists!

MailWasher Pro automatically determines the origin of a spam email received against DNS spam blacklist servers and gives advanced users the ability to be proactive in the fight against spam by report ing spammers to the proper authorities.

So simple to use

Apart from being the most effective anit spam software to fight spam, you’ll find MailWasher Pro is probably the easiest anti-spam software to use. We took the view that if we can’t understand how to use a piece of software in under 5 minutes then it’s probably always going to be hard to use. You want a program with a minimal learning curve, which is easy to use and looks attractive. MailWasher Pro works directly with your email server, exactly like your email program does. However, there is one important difference. MailWasher Pro retrieves infomation about all the email on the server. With that information you decide what to do with each individual email before you download it... choose to train your learning filters, bounce an email back to the sender to appear as if your email address does not exist, or report spam to the FirstAlert! database.

Second-to-none customer support

Firetrust employ staff whose full-time job is purely to help you get the best from MailWasher Pro. We aim to answer all email from registered MailWasher Pro users within 24 hours, every single day of the week, including public holidays.

System requirements

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP
Works with any POP3, IMAP, AOL, MSN or Hotmail email account.


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