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AJC Software

Whether you are simply looking for utilities to help in your everyday computer work, or if you are looking for excellent fast-selling high-quality affiliate software to promote, I am 100% certain you will be impressed with the products from AJC Software.

AJC Software provides a growing number of shareware products that are essential for normal day-to-day operation of a computer (i.e. frequent use necessities!), and have been developed with ease of use as a primary consideration, and yet these well-designed programs contain a number of professional features and options that set them above and beyond many other similar products in the shareware market.

These products are sensibly priced, and therefore after their initial 30 day trial period have a very high purchase rate, simply due to the fact that once people have tried them, they wonder how they did without them!

I personally know Andrew Cutforth, who is the brains behind the products from AJC Software. BUT - I do not recommend his software just because I know him, but simply because he is, quite frankly a bit of a genius when it comes to software development!

Andrew demands high quality and perfection, has good ideas and implements them well, yet he is always open to new suggestions for improvements. AJC Software has many genuine testimonials from satisfied customers.

He has been developing software using the Delphi programming language for many years (in many respects Delphi is considered better than Visual Basic), and I can guarantee you will be impressed with these programs logical, easy interface and wizards to guide you through initial use, and which can thereafter be turned off once you get the hang of the software. You will also find that as you learn and become more familiar with them, that there are additional levels of functionality that will help your everyday work.

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