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What can Wordtracker do for my web site?

Wordtracker compiles a database of terms that people search for on the Internet. You enter some keywords, and it tells you how often people search for them, and also tells you how many competing sites use those keywords or keyphrases.

Don't guess!

Link to the important resources!

You might think you have an idea of what keywords to use in your web pages. But why guess when you can discover what people are REALLY typing in.

Wordtracker helps you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered.

If you have never done keyword research before let me tell you that no matter where you look on the Internet, people will tell you that Wordtracker is the very best paid service for obtaining your keywords. Often just one single session will provide you with all the keywords you will need for your research. Wordtracker is excellent value for money and costs only £4.20 ($7.37) for a 1 Day session, although there are options for 1 Week, Month or even Year.

You will come away armed with a stack of keywords (you just select and click to add keywords into your list which gets emailed to you as a text file or spreadsheet), and with this newfound knowledge you get excellent insight into how people are looking for your kind of product, and you will discover new ideas, topics and niches for developing your web site and business.

You'll find out how popular the keywords related to your business really are (it tells you how many people have searched for each keyword in a 24 hour period - when you see this you will start to get excited about the prospects).

Then for each major search engine, Wordtracker shows you the chances of making the top 10.

"Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain."
Brent Winters, President
FirstPlace Software, Inc

Some people achieve a top 10 placement in a major search engine and get plenty of traffic. Others do the same but get nothing. Why?

Simple. The first group selected keywords that many people are searching on, and the second did not!

To learn more about Wordtracker, click here

Click here for the Wordtracker members User Guide or the Wordtracker Help Pages

Keyword Research Guide

Want to get the most from Wordtracker? Let the experts show you how.

Have you ever wondered how the experts use Wordtracker to keep their clients' sites at the top of the search engine results pages? What can you learn from their methods? How can you apply their strategies to your own website to get outstanding results?

Well, now you can find out by downloading the free Keyword Research Guide.

Wordtracker created a fictional company, Virginia Veg, and asked experts to provide real answers to the problems facing its CEO, Susan Webster. The result is an e-book packed with insight, tips, and techniques on keyword research that you can apply easily to your own website.

Click here for the FREE Keyword Research Guide

Google Cash is a product I use personally and highly recommend
Click here for Googlecash

How to Make MASSIVE Mounds of Money In Record Time on Google
(Even Without a Website or a Product!)
Click here to learn about Googlecash

SuperAffiliateHandbookRead the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earns 400,000+ per year ... selling other people's stuff online!

In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net. In 236 pages, and more than 68,000 words, you'll learn how to pick the best programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting.

To learn exactly how she does it, Click here for the Super Affiliate Handbook.

The Super Affiliate Handbook is another product I use and highly recommend.
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