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At Prior IT Marketing, you will find straight-to-the-point reviews and opinions, supported by well researched information, for internet marketing affiliate products and terrific software tools and utilities.

The aim in creating this website is to save you time, money and effort, in your search for the best affiliate products, online affiliate programs, search engine optimization software and marketing tools.

Each product is chosen from a list of several competing products as being the most worthwhile and "fit for purpose". It's the best at doing the job it was intended to do!

We hope you find it useful. If you have any questions, feedback or require more information please let us know.



AJC Software provides a growing number of shareware products that are essential for normal day-to-day operation of a computer (i.e. frequent use necessities!), and have been developed with ease of use as a primary consideration, and yet these well-designed programs contain a number of professional features and options that set them above and beyond many other similar products in the shareware market.

Click here to learn about the products from AJC Software

Firetrust Limited
is dedicated to the supply of easy-to-use email security and anti-spam solutions for business and home users providing the benefits of effective, high quality inbox efficiency and protection. The company's products include the highly acclaimed MailWasher ® and MailWasher ® Pro anti spam software tools, which millions of PC users have downloaded making them leading tools to rid the world of spam.

Click here to learn about the products from Firetrust

Rosalind Gardner
earns over $430 000 per year promoting affiliate programs. Her Super Affiliate Handbook shows you exactly how she does it. The interesting thing is that a lot of her success comes from the use of Pay Per Click search engines like Google AdWords. This basically makes this book useful to anyone because everyone can use AdWords.

This book is probably the most useful and practical that I have purchased, and which I keep referring to for techniques and ideas. I had been looking for ages for decent quality information on super affiliate and internet marketing, and had already spent quite a lot of cash on various books. None of them came close to the content and quality of Rosalind's book.

Click here to learn about Rosalind Gardner


Google Adsense - I was a total Adsense novice when I started using Google Adsense on my web sites in March 2005, and on the first day of putting the code in I saw my first money earning click. Ok, so it was just a few cents, but when you're an Adsense virgin you think, "Cool, I like this!".

Little did I know then just how much I was going to increase my Adsense revenue simply by following the advice in a new e-book by Joel Comm called "What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense: 3 Steps to Higher Adsense Income".

Click here for my review and personal success with What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense

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Automatic Followup Email Responder Software - If you are in need of followup email autoreply software and are looking for advice, be sure to check out my review of the best automatic responder software where I have narrowed down the options to 3 different autoresponder products, two of which will install on your own web space, and the third is an outsourced online service.

Anti-Money Laundering Protection Software - AML Custodian is a new product which provides Money Laundering Protection for Solicitors, Estate Agents, Car Dealerships, Auctioneers and Independent Financial Advisors, and is suitable for a variety of other industry sectors. Learn more about Money Laundering Regulations, Legislation and Compliance Software in the UK and OPSIS AML Custodian at www.anti-money-laundering.co.uk

Easy to Use Website Creation Software - XSitePro is an amazingly quick and simple to use piece of software that enables you to build a complete website in a couple of hours. Ideal for the novice, but used by experts too! Click here to learn about XSitePro Website Creation Software

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